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Solution for your Deaf clients

Your Deaf users will have a access to the Android and iOS app and web based solution developed
specifically for their needs on our 5+ years experience in working on Video Remote Interpretation:

Waiting time

Users see approximate waiting time until first interpreter will be available


Users can reserve a specific interpreter for a chosen time slot

Map of barrier-free places

Map with closest places, where DeafCom application is used and the Deaf can communicate without barrier (e.g. banks, government offices, …)

Call back possibility

Users will gain access to their additional virtual phone number where hearing person can call and will be connect to the Deaf through the DeafCom interpreter desk

Online sign language interpretation and transcription of spoken words from one App 

Select an interpreter

Users can choose a favorite interpreter

Interpreter name upfront

Users know who will be their interpreter before the session starts


Users can provide feedback after every call, providing opportunity for interpreter development and resolving any user issues ASAP

Solution for your staff and interpreters

Specialized solution for your staff and interpreters which will automate and make your processes more effective
so your staff and interpreters will have more time to focus on your Deaf users


Effective way how to schedule shifts for interpreters


Automatic generation of all necessary call statistics (including e.g. data for agency reimbursements)

Dialing from our system

Interpreters don’t need another phone line. Call to any number can be done directly within our system

List of requests

Interpreters can see real-time backlog of active requests, including reservation or priority status


Interpreters can see attachments shared by the Deaf through the app upfront, allowing them to better prepare for every call

Solution for your partners

City halls, banks, insurance companies want to be open and barrier free for Deaf clients, but they need easy to use and effective solution.
With our system you have a solution for them 

Web-base solution can be integrate with partner webs

Partnering organizations and companies can easily integrate an existing iFrame-based solution into their existing Web sites. This is a great contribution to removing communication barriers

Creating infolines accessible for the Deaf

The Deaf clients can contact a call centrum of your partnering organization through your interpreters

Specialized app interface for commercial users

One button app, which can be deployed on your partners contact places. The Deaf users can connect to interpreter directly from contact place (for example from doctor office, city hall, bank branches etc.)